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SnapCast: A Live
Crowd-sourced Photofeed

See all of your TapSnap event photos, mixed with the Instagrams and tweets that feature your event hashtag, in a dynamic slideshow that is broadcast around your venue on TVs and projection screens. Want the world to check out your event as it happens? We’ll also give you an event-specific website so everyone can follow along.

How SnapCast Works

  • Share your unique hashtag to populate SnapCast’s dynamic social media wall with pictures and messages from Twitter and Instagram, as well as all of your awesome TapSnap photos.

    Twitter Instagram

  • Display your real-time SnapCast slideshow on TVs and projection screens around your venue to create interactive and captivating displays.

  • Broadcast your event to the world with your own event-specific URL so anyone, in any location, can follow along live.

Download snapcast infosheet


  • the screen Customize the banner to display your logo, hashtag, and background throughout the event. Choose your photo transition mode.
  • the album Stream up to 50 pictures at a time in the live feed. Pin 5 of your favorites to stay in continuous rotation.
  • the dashboard Review event photos here to approve them for the SnapCast slideshow.
  • hashtag Your event-specific hashtag will populate SnapCast with all your great event moments.
  • The Exclusive URL Remote guests can view your SnapCast slideshow and participate using your hashtag.
Download snapcast infosheet


Check with your venue to see if they have a TV or projection screen. 720p minimum, 1080p recommended. HDMI/DVI required. TapSnap can supply TVs for an extra fee. Call us for more details.

Planning a Wedding?

SnapCast is the perfect touch for your wedding. Display your TapSnap photos along with your guests’ shots from your big day. Show the bride getting ready, the groomsmen chilling, or childhood photos, with SnapCast everyone can get involved with documenting the special occasion.

You can even customize those photos with your monogram or date, and then place them in frames to make personalized wedding favours.

Family and friends who couldn’t make it can watch SnapCast on your event-specific website and send their best wishes, using your unique hashtag, which are then displayed on the live feed. Then watch the slide show the next day during your gift opening to relive all the fun from the night before.

download wedding info sheet