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Sporting Events

Create a Completely Interactive Experience for your Guests

With TapSnap, you can entertain your fans and boost your social media performance, both at the same time!

TapSnap is the latest and greatest sensation in fan engagement. Fans these days expect more, and TapSnap helps you deliver. The only thing better than going to an awesome game, concert or special event is having an incredible photo to commemorate the occasion. Your fans and guests will love posing with your team mascot, star player, or a musical superstar thanks to the magic of TapSnap’s digital props and green screen backgrounds.

TapSnap can post pictures live from your event to your social media pages. Watch the hits grow as people can’t wait to share their photos on social networks, creating buzz about your event. Your sponsors can also be a part of it all by adding their logos to the pictures.

Once you take your fans to the cutting edge of phototainment, you’ll never look back!