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TapSnap Featured in San Diego Business Journal

TapSnap’s New ‘Camera Angle’ Is Reinventing the Photo Booth


Innovation-TapSnap_Clark_Jacqui_and_Cameron_2014_TapSnap_web_r100x80A new blending of technology and the photo booth is bringing that memory-capturing staple into the 21st century, complete with the ability to post digital pics on social media. And a local couple is bringing it to their part of Southern California.

TapSnap is a self-contained camera system that incorporates a “green screen” background and can be custom-designed to particular themes, making it a big hit a parties or corporate events, said Jacqui Clark, co-owner of the TapSanap franchise in Carlsbad.

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Source: Mike Allen, “TapSnap’s New ‘Camera Angle’ Is Reinventing the Photo Booth,” San Diego Business Journal 35: 4,59

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