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Family-Run Business

Family-Run BusinessThe TapSnap opportunity is a perfect fit for a family-run operation. A majority of TapSnap’s franchisees are in business with their significant others, relatives, and even children. The simplicity of TapSnap’s model makes it possible to own a business with the added incentive of experiencing achievements alongside valued family members.

TapSnap franchisees rave about flexible hours that allow them to spend more time as a family. Many business owners even bring their children along to assist them in setting up events, all while teaching them good work habits. The technology is so intuitive that children and young adults are quick to master TapSnap.

“It’s a family affair,” said Saeed Chaudhry, who owns a TapSnap in Houston. “I manage and am on site at events, my wife helps with generating new customers, and our 13-year-old daughter and 15-year-old son help at events outside school hours.”

Stories like Chaudhry’s are often heard throughout the TapSnap franchise system. Each family member brings a diverse skill set that plays a significant role in the business. Working together to leverage these skills allows families to bond over a common goal and celebrate successes.

TapSnap’s franchisees and their families are able to achieve milestones through owning a successful business model. The innovative technology and regular updates to TapSnap’s custom-made software provides continual advancements to the device’s capabilities. It’s a business that has the ability to be passed down to future generations.

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