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Monthly Archives: January 2014

PCMA Party Makes the Most of TapSnap

TapSnap brought its special brand of phototainment to the bright stars of the convention industry at the Professional Convention Management Association’s 2014 Convening Leaders conference. The PCMA convention, held at… Read More

Fox Sports Gives Hockeytown Fans the TapSnap Experience

There’s nothing like getting a TapSnap picture taken while wearing your favorite hockey jersey. It’s even better if you get a picture of yourself in the Fox Sports studio, and… Read More

Where TapSnap Photos Become Art

An amazing transformation is happening with TapSnap photos across the country. With all of TapSnap’s tremendous possibilities to digitally alter their photos, event guests are taking photo booth photography into… Read More

Wedding in a Week

Would you let a bunch of television viewers plan your wedding in a week if it was an all-expenses-paid wedding worth $35,000? Every January engaged couples in and around the… Read More

TapSnap featured in

OUR FIND OF THE MONTH If you haven’t seen this great piece of modern day technology around the Queen City yet, let me introduce you to the latest and greatest… Read More